Aug 07, 2016

What does the presentation of Photon - Energy Packet mean? We are all familiar with the presentation of the light-ray as a sequence of photons/energy-packets just like the figure shown. What does the ℮ mark mean on packaging? - Dr Duncan Robertson The ‘℮’ symbol, or the ‘e-mark’ is a symbol you will see on packaging such as tins or packets in Europe. Millions of us will see this symbol every day, but what does it actually mean? The raison d’etre for the e-mark comes from the problem of selling goods to the public. Ifconfig Command - Explained in Detail | All about Linux Nov 20, 2006 What is packet drop, packet loss and how Packet drop

Feb 12, 2018 · 72 days will mean 72 days after sowing for a carrot, but 72 days after planting out for a tomato. Source: Case 1: If the vegetable in question is one supposed to be sown directly in the garden, such as carrots, beans or peas, days to harvest means pretty much what you’d think it would mean: the vegetable will be ready to

What Does "Days to Germinate" Mean When You're Planting What Does "Days to Germinate" Mean When You're Planting?. Seed packets contain a host of information about the plants you are about to grow. Most notably, the packet tells you when and where to What Does “Days to Harvest” Mean? – Laidback Gardener Feb 12, 2018

May 27, 2020 · The seed packets I have say to sow indoors, 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost. After danger of frost, sow outdoors. The maps indicate Feb.-May for my area (one packet says “transplant” on the map, and the other one doesn’t).

What "Days to Maturity" Means for Your Plants Mint Images / Getty Images. Most seed packets, garden books, and websites provide information about a plant's "Days to Maturity." This information is critical, as it tells you when to start growing your plant based on your particular location and climate. Days To Maturity - What Does It Mean? - Garden Fundamentals