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What is network topology? - Definition from network topology: A network topology is the arrangement of a network, including its nodes and connecting lines. There are two ways of defining network geometry: the physical topology and the logical (or signal) topology. Ring Network - SmartDraw Ring Network. SmartDraw includes network topology templates like this ring network. Edit and make it your own. Ring networks allow for high speed data transfer between adjacent nodes and no packet collisions, but are only as strong as their weakest link. If any node goes down, so does the network.

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Nanonetwork. Specialized networks for very small machines. For example, a communication … A Survey of Computer Network Topology and Analysis Examples

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Network topology - Wikipedia A network’s physical topology is a particular concern of the physical layer of the OSI model. Examples of network topologies are found in local area networks , a common computer network installation. Any given node in the LAN has one or more physical links to other devices in the network; graphically mapping these links results in a geometric Examples - Network Topology Mar 22, 2020 What is Physical Topology? - Definition from Techopedia May 31, 2017