How to Make Your Internet Run Faster in Windows 7

Other times troubleshooting with Windows will not solve the problem. How to Conduct an Internet Speed Test. The problem may in fact be caused by a slow Internet connection. You can actually conduct an Internet speed test ( is a good resource for this) that will tell you exactly what your Internet speed is. You can compare the Jun 15, 2009 · Hi, i am new here, and the reason why, is because i am having some issues too. I have a new pc with Windows 7 pre-installed. And have fast Internet connection, yet somehow i get slow download speeds. They start at 1.8MB/s, but soon after the start they reduce in speed until 500kb/s Diagnosing slow internet speeds can be difficult. Your issues can be with your operating system, router, wireless connection, or even your internet provider. If you are experiencing slow speeds with Windows 10, here are some steps you can take. Sometimes, the problem may be temporary, or you feel Nov 03, 2016 · In the case of slow Internet speeds, try disabling the firewall temporarily to check whether this is the culprit affecting your Internet connection. If it appears that it is indeed the firewall that is slowing your Internet, check your firewall settings to see if there are any unnecessary rules or other configurations you can tweak.

See if the state of the Internet connection changes the behavior. If you can run the app without an Internet connection, try it while disconnected from the Internet. This will tell you if a slow Internet connection may be the cause. Uninstall and reinstall the app to ensure the app files and configuration are not damaged. Steps for Microsoft

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Sep 18, 2009

In a world where being connected is vital to almost everything, a slow Internet connection is more than just a nuisance. Whether you are trying to work remotely, check your social media status, or just look up restaurant reviews on Yelp!, a slow internet connection keeps you from living life on your terms.