7 Fountain where Cloaked Dhampyre spawns, drops Blood of the Dhampyre (Common) and Hooded Black Cloak (Rare) 8 Entry Hall; 9 "Piano" 10 "Ballroom" where gypsies and Mynthi Davissi spawn, drops Lute of the Gypsy Princess (Common) and Mistmoore Battle Drums (Rare) 11 "Ambassador Room" where Negotiator and Gypsy Ambassador spawn; 12 "The Corner"

Plugin - - MQ2SpawnMaster | RedGuides: EverQuest Multi Dec 29, 2019 EverQuest II Zone - Castle Mistmoore - LootDB.com Bloodsteel, Deris L'Ibantcci, Divka Issis, Ferox, Georg Davissi, Graf Koban, Komornik Syncall, Maestro Kerberos, Mayong Mistmoore, Mynthi Davissi, Pani Tanara Viswin, Princess Cherista, Sage V'Ncenzi, Thaumaturge A'Ntasi, The Cloaked Dhampyre, The Devoted Caitiff, Vanquisher B'Riareos, Vikomt D'Raethe, Viktor T'Hoth Ground Spawn list - EQTC Forums

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Everquest II Faction Information for Mistmoore. Join the world's largest MMO gaming network. No account? Sign up now! Raiding beginner guild request : project1999 "A cloaked Dhampyre engages Uradamus!" View entire discussion (3 comments) More posts from the project1999 community. 50. Posted by 3 days ago. PSA: Teal has been merged into Green. Your Teal toons are on Green now. PSA for people who might panic before reading the patch notes. Castle Mistmoore (Location) - Giant Bomb Castle Mistmoore is home to the mysterious, dark elf vampire, Mayong Mistmoore, and his followers.