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Using a Concurrent License - erwin, Inc. Using a Concurrent License. This section describes how CA ERwin DM users can use a concurrent license with CA ERwin DM Standard Edition or Workgroup Edition. Note: Before you start this procedure, your System Administrator must set up the License Server and import the license to it. You have the License Server details and know which edition to use. Second, commercial software vendors often license a software product by means of a concurrent users restriction. This allows a fixed number of users access to the product at a given time, and contrasts with an unlimited user license. For example: Company X buys software and pays for 20 concurrent users. Oct 15, 2012 · Concurrent User License Sample set of 40 Licenses. Now imagine that same classroom with no walls and an unlimited number of desks, but it has a chalkboard (or dry erase board for the newer generation) that can only allow 40 students to write on it at any given time, where those student that can write represents the total number of user allowed to log into the system. For example, in a five-user concurrent use license, after five users are logged on to the program, the sixth user is prohibited. When any one of the first five log out, the next person can log in

A concurrent-user license grants the right to use the licensed product for a fixed period of time (typically on an annual basis). Technical support and the right to use the most recent release of the PQ product is included in the yearly concurrent-user license fee.

Feb 12, 2019 · A single concurrent user license often replaces 2 to 5 named user licenses. Convenience: Since concurrent user licenses are not tied to individual users, little-to-no IT involvement is needed to grant access to additional users. Scalability: Concurrent user licenses are better able to support an expanding or shrinking user base. How can I switch from using a concurrent license to using a single-user license? Concurrent licensing over an IPv6 network; What are the software installation prerequisites? Installation Best Practices; What licensing options are available? How can I tell who is using the seats of our concurrent license? Activate Surfer, Grapher, or Strater on

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Concurrent Use licensing. A Concurrent Use license enables multiple users to share access to ArcGIS Desktop applications from any computer on a network or from a virtual machine. ArcGIS License Manager software installed on the network manages the distribution of a pool of shared licenses. The number of Concurrent Use licenses in the shared pool determines the number of users who can use … Choosing Between Concurrent and User/Device Citrix Licensing Apr 20, 2018 About Concurrent User Licensing - SpendMap Concurrent user licensing tends to be very affordable because it has economies of scale built in. That is, the bigger the system gets, the wider the ratio of total-to-concurrent users. For example, while you might need one or two concurrent user licenses for one or two total users (they might need to use the system at the same time), typically Licensing Models - Citrix