The --proto flag expects the name of the protocol to use (udp or tcp) and the --remote flag expects the case senstive name of the exit node to connect to. To automatically connect to the UDP New York City exit node, for example, use the command: sudo proxpn --proto udp --remote NYC. How does this script work?

so configured openVPN server using one of the on-line tutorials. I'm pretty familiar with this stuff, so it wasn't too hard. Setup with cert and user auth, and the connection establishes. local area network with the devices is vpn network is ProXPN Review - VPN Providers One of the reasons to use a VPN is for security. ProXPN supports two protocols, if you are using the premium version. If you are not, the only protocol available is OpenVPN. Fortunately though, OpenVPN (UDP) is the protocol we recommend. It provides the right mix of speed and privacy. Support. ProXPN has a few support options available. Rishikimi proXPN -

ProXPN offers the standard 30-day money-back guarantee for new members. They don’t offer much information on their website, but it’s likely you can get your money back inside of 30-days with little-to-no hassle. Sign-Up Process: Simple and easy. Signing up to ProXPN is easy and takes a few minutes.

VPN Reviewer - Unbiased VPN Reviews Unbiased VPN Reviews. The United States House of Representatives recently approved a “congressional disapproval” vote of privacy rules, which basically gives your ISP the right to sell collected information to third parties without your approval.

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