Aug 01, 2017

well technically a yes and no answer is on the bench mark, yes you can definitely mod a ps4 because its basically a pc and no you can't because its against sonys rights. both yes and no answers come with choice. do you want to go against sonys rig What Can You Do With a Jailbroken PS4? - YouTube Jun 27, 2018 How To Fix Corrupted Data on the PS4 - Tech Junkie May 11, 2019 Jailbroken PS4 - What can it do for you? - Tech With Geeks

Jun 27, 2018 · Why YOU need a Modded Xbox 360 in 2018 - The History, Custom Dashboards, Emulators, and More ! | MVG - Duration: 15:11. Modern Vintage Gamer 2,654,195 views 15:11

In other words, you yourself can have online on your account on your non-primary system (the one you own) while your GF's PS4 will be the primary system, and she will be able to use online features (as long as you loaded up your old account that has PSN+).

I am going to buy EA access on my PS4 and i am also getting an Xbox One X later on as gift and what i wanted to know was can I use the EA access subscription i am paying for in PS4 on my Xbox One X, or will i have to pay again for another EA access subscription for xbox.

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